WØM-Missouri gets new Association manager

NØEVH, John Watkins, has assumed the duties of Association Manager (AM) of WØM-Missouri effective April 1, 2016.  John replaces W4RK, Bill Gerth, who was the first AM of WØM-Missouri from its inception on February 1, 2013.  Bill worked with the SOTA Management Team for several months prior in creating the WØM-MIssouri Summit Database and writing the first version of the Association Reference Manual (ARM).  Health issues have forced Bill to retire from this post.  

John, NØEVH, an experienced Activator and Chaser, brings a lot of talent to the AM post.  He is now working with the North American SOTA Management Team in the updating of the WØM-Missouri ARM.  John will also take over this website and that transition is in progresss.  Please give John your thoughts and concerns as he continues to promote the activation of Missouri summits.

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