W0M-Missouri launches 01 FEB 2013

SOTA Management Team in the UK Approves Launch of W0M-Missouri


After several months of planning and coordination with the SOTA Management Team, Missouri Summits on the Air (W0M - Missouri) was born on 01 FEB 2013.  Due to lots of effort, the SOTA Management team in the UK had W0M-Missouri summits in the database and various web tools functioning at 0000 UTC on the first day.  

Special THANKS to Jim Coombes, G0CQK, SOTA Summits Manager; Andy Sinclair, MM0FMF, SOTA Database Manager; and to Rob Harwood, G0HRT, SOTA Associations Manager,  for their excellent guidance during the development of W0M-Missouri.  Additional appreciation is extended to Rich Glassner, N0EAX, for his quality control of W0M-Missouri documentation plus to Mike Dolson, N0ZH, for his encouragement and enthusiasm along the way.  It seems fitting that the first W0M-Missouri QSO from Taum Sauk Mountain (W0M/SF-001) was between W4RK on the summit and N0ZH in his shack in New Bloomfield, MO on 40 meter CW.  Rich, N0EAX, also got into the log on the first day from his QRP station in Jefferson City.

Much valuable input was also provided by some of the experienced US-SOTA Association Managers who offered advice and encouragement from the beginning.  Steve Galchutt, WG0AT, W0 Association Manager; Guy Hamblen, N7UN, W7 Association Manager; and Mike Olbrisch, KD9KC, W5 Association Manager, made a huge difference.

Finally, Bill Gerth, W4RK, W0M-Missouri Association Manager, was most gratified to see the vision he had back in September of 2012, as he had his first SOTA experience on a mountain top in Arkansas, become reality with the launch of W0M-Missouri.  Thanks to all for a great team effort!

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