Third Missouri Summit Activated

Third Missouri Summit Activated by Andrew, KD5ZZK

Thanks to Andrew, KD5ZZK, the brand new W0M-Missouri Association experienced its 3rd activation in the first 11 days of its existence on 11 FEB 2013.  Andrew plans to add another one tomorrow.  Today, Andrew activated Pilot Knob (W0M/ES-003), the first activation in the Eureka Springs Escarpment Region.  Earlier activations in W0M-Missouri were in the Saint Francois Mountains Region (SF) with Bill, W4RK, activating Missouri's Highest Point, Taum Sauk Mountain (W0M/SF-001) on 01 FEB, and Larry, N0SA, activating Ketcherside Mountain (W0M/SF-003) on 09 FEB.

Assuming KD5ZZK is successful tomorrow, that will leave 53 other Missouri summits just waiting for a first activation.  Who's next?

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