SOTA Apps Include MO Summits

SOTA Apps Now Include MO Summits -

Two popular smart phone applications aimed at SOTA enthusiasts now include W0M - Missouri summits.  I have personal experience on my iPhone 5 with SOTA Goat and Pocket SOTA and find them to be very useful. SOTA Goat is a full-featured application that appears to be a "front-end" for the official SOTA database.  SOTA Goat screens are well-designed and are quite readable with judicious, but intelligent, use of color.  There is a direct link of each summit to the corresponding page in the SOTA database where you can view activation notes and other useful summit-specific data.

SOTA Goat also has sophisticated, but easy-to-use, ALERTS and SPOTS functions.  Touching an individual entry takes you to an expanded screen which makes viewing the data quite easy and also allows direct linking to a screen for creating a new spot or a new alert.  I used SOTA Goat on a recent activation of two W0M Eureka Springs Escarpment summits and found it to be extremely helpful.  Having the ability to create and revise Alerts plus self-spotting is a great convenience.  Access to the cellular network is required, of course.

Pocket SOTA has some feature overlap with SOTA Goat but lacks ALERT and SPOT functions.  It also serves as a front-end to the official SOTA database with a clean look and feel.  Pocket SOTA also has excellent linking to mapping functions.  For example, one can select to have all summits within a given Region mapped.  This is helpful in visualizing the relative positions of summits for possible S2S opportunities.  Another nice mapping feature of Pocket SOTA is the ability to bring up a page that shows the user's location with direction and distance to the summit of interest.  Finally, Pocket SOTA allows e-mailing of summit coordinates in GPX file format.

Both SOTA Goat and Pocket SOTA are available for download at the Apple App Store for Apple devices.  I understand that there are SOTA apps for Android devices as well, but I'm not familiar with them.

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