NEW W0M-Missouri activations planned

Several new SOTA activations of Missouri summits are being planned.  Here is what I know so far:

Ketcherside Mountain (W0M/SF-003) - Larry, N0SA, has told me that he is planning an activation of Ketcherside Mountain in the very near future, maybe as soon as this coming week-end (FEB 8-10).  Larry is an experienced Missouri hiker living in the St. Louis area and has been to the summit of Ketcherside fairly recently, so he knows the way!  Check the ALERTS section of SOTAWATCH for exact times and dates.

Pilot Knob (W0M/ES-003) - Andrew, KD5ZZK - Monday, FEB 11, 2013

PT 1270 (W0M/ES-004) - Andrew, KD5ZZK - Tuesday, FEB12, 2013

Andrew, KD5ZZK, is one of the most active SOTA Activators in the USA!  He is the Association Manager for W5A-Arkansas and lives in Louisiana, but he is almost always on the go and has activations in many of the other US SOTA associations.  Andrew will be combining first activations of these 2 new Missouri summits in the Eureka Springs Escarpment (ES) Region near Branson with several activations of Arkansas summits as he travels to and from his home in Louisiana.  Again, check the ALERTS section of SOTAWATCH for exact details of Andrew's many activations.

INFO ON ACTIVATION PLANS NEEDED - If you are planning an activation of a Missouri summit, please send a brief description of your itinerary to the W0M-Missouri Association Manager by using the FEEDBACK form on the RESOURCES page of this website.  We want to spread the word to give you as many Chasers as possible for your expedition.  THANKS!

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