N0SA Plans Activation of Bell Mountain on 13 FEB 2013

Larry Naumann, N0SA, goes for Bell Mtn Activation

Less than a week after his first successful activation of Ketcherside Mountain, N0SA, will be back on the trail tomorrow for an attempted activation of Bell Mountain.  Bell Mountain is one of Larry's favorite destinations from his hiking experiences and it takes a 7-mile round trip hike to make it happen.  If Larry's Ketcherside activation is any indication, we can expect strong 40 meter signals into Mid-MO and bordering states.  The rest of the US can expect Larry to be workable on 20 meters as well. If Larry is successful, this will mark the FIFTH different summit activation in W0M-Missouri in the less than 2 weeks of W0M-Missouri existence.  Check out the ALERTS section of SOTAWATCH for details about time and frequencies.

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