N0SA Has Successful Bell Mtn Activation

N0SA Completes Bell Mountain Activation on 13 FEB 2013

Congratulations to Larry, N0SA, for a successful activation of Bell Mountain (W0M/SF-005) today.  Here is the Activation Report he posted on the NASOTA reflector.  Thanks for activating the 5th unique summit in W0M-Missouri, Larry!  Check out Larry's beautiful pictures.


Bell Mtn (W0M/SF-005) Activation Report from the NASOTA Reflector

Well, my second activation went better than my first as far as the hiking went. I took the north trail from a parking lot on County Road 2228 off Hwy A from Hwy 32. A two inch snow had just fallen on the mountain and it was very pretty hike to the summit. It is about a 3 to 3.5 mile hike in and the trail is a bit rough in spots but in good shape. I made it in plenty of time to take pictures and set up for the activation. 22 contacts made it into the log before a huge pile of wet snow fell out of a tree and onto my KX3. It wasn't long before my radio started acting up so I shut it down. I was hoping to stay longer but the radio just wouldn't work full of water. I dried it out at home and it is fine.
Bell Mtn. is my favorite summit in the state. There are great views to the east and the west. The top has huge rock outcroppings and the trees are all stunted and twisted from the wind. With two inches of fresh snow it was a beautiful site.
Thank you to all the chasers for the contacts and I am sorry I had to cut it short on 20M because of snow in my radio.
If you only do one summit in Missouri my suggestion would be to do Bell Mtn. if you can do the 6 to 7 mile hike.

Larry Naumann


Bell Mountain Photos courtesy of Larry Naumann, N0SA

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