N0SA First Activation of Buford Mountain

N0SA Does Another First Activation, Buford Mountain (22 APR, 2013) - 

Larry Naumann, N0SA, continued his string of first activations this morning by activating Buford Mountain (W0M/SF-002).  Larry told me that he wanted to do this before the trees developed full leaf cover.  As usual, Larry's 40 meter signal was very strong here in Jefferson City, MO and he quickly attracted a nice bunch of Chasers.  I did hear Larry at ESP levels on 20 meters (probably backscatter) but I didn't give him a call since he seemed to have more than enough Chasers for a solid activation.  Larry, thanks again for your excellent work in putting MO summits on the air!

And Now Here Is Larry's Buford Mountain Activation Report -



Buford Mountain is a pretty easy peak to activate. It is located in Buford Mountain Conservation Area and the land is owned by the Missouri  Department  of Conservation. Here is a link to driving directions, a map and description of the area.  


There is a nice hiking trail going around the area and up over Buford Mtn. There is also a nice parking lot. The trail to the summit is less than 1 mile and it is fairly steep. The trail is also quite rugged as it looks to be an old jeep trail and is well washed out, leaving 3 to 8 inch rocks as the walking surface.

 There are no good views from the top as it is fully wooded but the brochure says there are plenty of glades with views along the trail. I assume these are along the trail past the summit. The trail is a 10 mile loop and I did not have the time to hike the whole thing but it looks like it would be a nice day hike to add to an activation.

Larry Naumann


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