N0SA Activates Johnson Mountain


Johnson Mountain Activation  W0M/SF-006

  I must say that this activation was a whole lot of fun for me. It was a beautiful hike and I worked over 30 stations including a bit of DX and two S2S (summit to summit) contacts.

I can’t  thank all the chasers out there enough for their participation and patience.

 When I left home I was not sure if the road shown on the maps would go all the way to the top as shown. When  I arrived at the mountain and took the gravel  road to the top I discovered that the road was blocked off about two miles from the summit. There was a nice place to park and the two mile hike up the road was an easy hike. It was also a very pretty hike with nice views through the trees in all directions.  The forest is a nice blend of hardwoods, pine and cedar. I have a feeling there will be plenty of nice Dogwoods blooming shortly.

 There is plenty of open space at the summit along with nice tall trees to hang antennas in, the perfect location for a summit activation. With my 66 foot doublet strung up at about 25 feet to the top I was able to put out a decent signal and work plenty of stations.

  As usual, the return trip was all downhill and a pleasant walk. I will definitely be returning to Johnson Mtn.

Larry Naumann


15 MARCH, 2013 - N0SA does another first activation - Johnson Mountain (W0M/SF-006)

Larry Naumann, N0SA, continued his string of first activations of Missouri summits in the Saint Francois Mountains Region today with an activation of Johnson Mountain.  We'll get all the details from Larry soon, but from my perspective today as a Chaser from Mid-Missouri, Larry had great activity on 40 meters when I worked him just after 1400 UTC.  Larry makes the effort to get a good antenna installation and it really shows.  His signal is always outstanding in Jefferson City from the SF Region.  Today I even heard him faintly on backscatter on 15 and 20 meters.  I could hear plenty of Chasers in the pileups, including several DX stations from Europe.  Larry even got two (2) Summit-to-Summit QSOs with other activators in California and Virginia.

Good job, Larry!  Thanks for helping to put Missouri on the SOTA map with plenty of activations.

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