N0SA Activates Church Mountain

MARCH 12, 2013 - N0SA First Activation of Church Mountain (W0M/SF-009)

Larry Naumann, N0SA, did a first activation of Church Mountain today from a 4 hour round trip hike.  Larry's pictures show the rugged rock and scrub summit of Church Mountain plus a nice view along the way of the famous concrete Taum Sauk Reservoir (actually on Proffit Mountain).  The Reservoir photo was taken from Taum Sauk Creek.  Many thanks to Larry for being a trail blazer in activating several summits in the Saint Francois Mountains Region of W0M-Missouri in the first 6 weeks of its existence.

For Larry's excellent activation report, look just below the pictures.


N0SA photo - View from summit of Church Mountain


N0SA photo - Taum Sauk Reservoir (on Proffit Mountain) from Taum Sauk Creek

Church Mtn. W0M/SF-009

March 12, 2013

 Well, I made this one rougher than it needed to be but I found out quite a bit about the mountain. And, I had a good time in the woods as usual. I did manage to make 10 contacts from the top even with poor band conditions on 40M.

  If you look at the topo you will see that Church Mtn.  has dual peaks of almost the same height. The northern one is a bit higher but not by much.

 My starting point was Taum Sauk Cemetery just to the southwest of the mountain. From there I bushwacked a short distance in a northeast direction and found a logging road. This road was in use when I was there and I talked to one of the loggers a bit about the mountain and the area. He was very knowledgeable about the area and told me about the rock outcroppings and views on the east side. They are in the process of logging all the way to the top so in awhile there will most likely be a nice logging road all the way to the top of the northern summit.

  I made a mistake by coming back via the west side. It is the same old story for many of the mountains in this area. The severe storms that came through a few years ago blew in from the west and destroyed many trees on the west sides and tops of these mountains. I not only had the downed trees to contend with but also very rough and rocky  terrain.  But, when I made it to the bottom I had a great view of Taum Sauk Creek that runs between Church Mtn. and the reservoir.

   So, my suggestions would be to start at the cemetery and make your way a short distance northeast to the logging road. Then take the logging road up to the southern peak. A this point you may want to go about  100 to 200 yards to the eastern slope to take advantage the  rock outcroppings that run along this side of the mountain. Then, when you get close to the northern peak head back west to the summit. Or you may want to take what will probably be a logging road all the way to the north summit then on the return leg go east a bit to the rock outcroppings. Either way, I think it will be an enjoyable hike.

 If it is warm enough you can always take a short walk from the cemetery to the creek for a refreshing dip in the crystal clear water.

Larry Naumann


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